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The Library at Night [Alberto Manguel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth- century. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth-century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and readi. If many bibliophiles will share Alberto Manguel’s assertion that the acquisition and ordering of his library has “kept me sane”, they will also.

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Project Gutenberg puts the first ebook, the Declaration of Independence, on the internet.

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

I have read many great novels this year, but of all of them this last one has become a true friend, one I hope will remain by my bedside, to comfort and inspire me when darkness rules outside my shelter.

That is why I This is a book I’m tempted to add to my “Favorites” list, an honor even more prestigious than my “5-star-books” list. Its fondness for leathery bindings and its fussy annoyance about the ‘evil ghe scabs’ of price-stickers slimily glued to book jackets soon give way to a crusading defence of the library as a mental sanctuary, a repository of memory, the only kind of home that has any emotional value for Manguel the deracinated cosmopolitan.

Videos About This Book. I have a poster of the thinker bought at the Musee Rodin in Paris. Reading this book, you are witness to Mangual’s passion for books, and I find it hard not to affected by that. This is the best book to finish the year with. Number of pages is thhe off.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Why nivht do we do it? Cash was king that night. The defence is necessary because libraries like his are now imperilled by their virtual equivalents on the internet. This reader imagines a Library where the censorship is total and the reader is a dictator, a benevolent one.

He considers libraries across the world — ancient and relatively modern, private and public, even fictional and imaginary ones. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Anecdote-filled, smoothly making any number of connexions, Manguel’s library-focussed tour leads to any variety of unexpected places.


Nov 17, Forrest rated it it was amazing. The library as survival Each and every book holds the history of its survival.

From the design of the structure to the placement and order of the books, as well as what kind of books they are, Manguel repeatedly finds points to start his ruminations in and eventually return them to his own library and experiences, but his great book-knowledge leads him far afield, too. It was even worse than anything Manguel had encountered in his exceptionally thorough research.

Behind these imperious ventures, and behind Manguel’s life-long scavenging in second-hand shops, lies a desire to demonstrate the unity of phenomena, the indexed connection between disparate experiences and the accessibility of all this lore to a single individual. Rational prudence dictates therefore to only take unique new items.

I follow their recommendation in part. I tend to think of libraries as mostly public libraries of different sorts, run by organisations who can employ librarians to manage the collections and help borrowers find what they want, but of course they are tye more than that.

For the Talmudic schools, as for those of Islam, a scholar can turn religious faith into an active power through the craft of reading, since the knowledge acquired through books is a gift from God. I simply can’t imagine how much I might have enjoyed it were I in the nighr of one of my own torrid affairs with literature. It is how we see the library. This reader imagines a cozy nook, nudged within the Library, form where the grandeur is glimpsed but not enough for intimidation.

The Library at Night

One wall of my library. Johannes Gutenberg, a German goldsmith, invents the printing press. The Bodleian demand conformity; I find their demands unpleasant and presumptuous.

There are no final categories in a library.

This would be a perfect book for Samuel Johnson, who “read with no method or discipline, sometimes leaving books uncut and following the text only where the pages fell open” Ultimately the aesthetic is some manifestation of a shared ideal. Old School Tobias Wolff. The first chapter is about his own library. As for the new library of Alexandria, talks began in the 70s to build it and it finally reopened in October Aug 12, Algernon rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a similar fashion, the identity of a society, or a national identity, can be mirrored by a library, by an assembly of titles that, practically and symbolically, serves as our collective definition.


Reviewed by Peter Ackroyd. Samuel Pepys in the seventeenth century build little high heels for his smaller volumes so the tops all followed a neat logical line. The Library at Night – UK. I have a blown-up version of the dust cover art from the first edition of The Great Gatsby. All of the approximately 2 million cards were shipped by air to South Korea where a small army of data entry clerks who neither read nor spoke English completed a virtually flawless electronic transcription.

Review: The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | Books | The Guardian

Great book although not a lot of new things if you’ve read any history of libraries. Imagine having his own library designed for him and in the Loire, one of the most beautiful parts of France. Just to show how inclusive, this piece just showed up in the Guardian. I am not, in other words, a member of that fraternity. This is why I’ll keep returning to him and will impress on others to do the same. I lean more towards addiction. View all 13 comments.

Manguel might have anchored it even more firmly around his own library and certainly there should at least be more pictures of itbut really that complaint — insofar it is one — applies to nearly everything in the book: There must be freedom and there must be peace. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

It’s not always a happy journey: You might even evolve as a reader.