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R&H Cataloging Service. Batchelor, Doug, At Jesus feet: the gospel according to Mary Magdalene. 1. Jesus Christ. 2. Salvation. 3. Mary Magdalene. Mar 1, By Doug Batchelor. An Amazing Fact: Monkey trappers in North Africa have a clever method of catching their prey. They fill a number of gourds. The title of this ’04 Revival series is called “At Jesus Feet.” This talk is about Jesus’ most.

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Jesus at jesus feet doug batchelor at the woman, then back at Simon. Mary’s appreciation of the Lord’s healing her of the demons is demonstrated in her love, gratitude, and humble service to him in the resurrection account.

Mary Magdalene is named in each of the four gospels in the New Testament, not once does it say that she was a prostitute or a sinner. Jesus did not even flinch. Of course, it is impossible to “let God” do anything until we first “let go” of everything and everyone else!

We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support. Click here for the audio of this presentation.

At Jesus’ Feet

Solving the Messiah Mystery, Part 1. Amazing Facts is a non-profit, donor-supported ministry. Other Programs in this Collection. She was a prosperous but miserable prostitute until she met Someone who saved her through a pure, unconditional love. Ask at jesus feet doug batchelor Bible Question. What Judas’ peers didn’t know was that his selfish heart had felt keenly rebuked by Mary’s liberal generosity.


Give A Vehicle Estate Gift. Cindy rated it it was amazing Apr gatchelor, Too often we are afraid to show our love for Jesus publicly in the workplace or the neighborhood for fear of being ridiculed for our faith. The conversation in the room quieted to a tense murmur.

At Jesus’ Feet | 04 Revival | Amazing Facts

In another example of reconciling conflict, Batchelor occasionally substitutes the word “tree” for cross, because both Acts and 1 Peter at jesus feet doug batchelor say Jesus was nailed to a tree. Peter said hesus we would be saved we must first repent: I’ve got to say, Batchelor’s argument about what happens after we die was pretty interesting and somewhat convincing.

Even people mustn’t take priority over our relationship with God! For instance, the Bible never says Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.

Comments made on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday may not appear until the following Monday. Then, secondarily, we are commanded to “love thy neighbour as thyself” verse The feft at jesus feet doug batchelor Luke Her fame doesn’t come from the coveted traits the world typically associates with greatness. How can a Christian be secure in the judgment? Eliezer Mercado rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Nov 03, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jesus heard His faithful disciples echo Judas’ murmurings.


Discover a fresh picture of the gentle, loving Savior who without condemning or condoning our past offers us a new future as we, like Mary, linger at Jesus’ feet. At jesus feet doug batchelor conflation merging several women into one composite has incorrectly linked the Magdalene with the unnamed sinner commonly thought to have been a prostitute in Luke 7: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene 4.

Search Media by Topic. Is Sabbath keeping necessary for salvation? Sarah rated it really liked it Dec 25, The AFCOE Complete Course is a comprehensive evangelism training program that will prepare you for an entry-level career in ministry or simply help you reach those close to you more effectively.

Please be civil to one another. Search Media by At jesus feet doug batchelor. Ever afte “Someone to love me. Ravin Malpica rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Martha is always busy with work while Mary sits at Jesus feet praising and anointing him. Jonathan Snaden rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Solving the Messiah Mystery, Part 1 Print.