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Prisoner of My Desire has ratings and reviews. Danielle said: With the premise of the heroine raping the hero—this is just one of those books. by Johanna Lindsey First published Sort by Esclava del deseo ( Paperback). Published July 1st . Le catene del desiderio (Hardcover). Published. As with Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey doesn`t have an official website Blog about Johanna Lindsey “Prisoner of my desire” (Esclava del deseo).

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There were many occasions that angered me, but in the interest of saving some writing time, I have chosen two examples, described below. The hero is definitely more aged than the heroine- having 2 legitimate and 1 illegitimate daughters from 2 dead wives and a serf, but he is not cruel to Rowena.

Although I found the hero’s obsession and possessiveness of the heroine scarily thrilling, I did not feel that it was the beautiful true kind of love. Nobody gets away with taking from him, especially his dignity, freedom…and seed.

Gw gak bisa tahan ketawa di bagian ini Jul 25, KatieV rated it it was amazing Shelves: To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient. The plot was weak, with so many logical fallacies on the parts of the characters that I genuinely questioned their intelligence. It was meaningful when Rowena first said it to Warrick at the beginning of the book and even more s 5 Old School Stars I’m in love with Warrick deChaville, the “fire-breathing dragon of the north.

Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. I just can’t see how a loving, trusting relationship can be formed despite the rape when there’s such horrible history involved.

I love the older Johanna Lindsey eslava. Open Preview See a Problem? Rowena has sex with him to get pregnant. Too, the rape bothered me. Maybe because deep-down I know that what I’ve written is completely shitty and people will make fun of me for it? Like her and I are best friends. By far the most popular among her books are the stories about the Malory-Anderson Family, a Regency England saga.


She did not tell him either of these things. Once she realizes her power over Warrick and stops felling all guilty, she gets to be really cool.

Weird how I actually kinda felt sorry for him and hoped that he could redeem himself and get his own HEA. The h really had no choice and she was a virgin.

Warrick and Rowena – theirs is a romance that will make you frustrated, render you cursing, but in the end it’ll leave you with a complacent smile, no less. Historical romance girl marries dying king? I made an exception based on all the positive reviews.

It was a twisted relationship which I guiltily enjoyed reading much like watching an episode on Jerry Springer and although I could never fathom such a union, the emotions and feelings were powerful. Much to her surprise, he enslaves a virile and king sized man- and Rowena is forced to “rape” him- not knowing that he is a noble knight, and tables are about to be turned on her pretty quick!

But when the chosen groom dies before consummation, a ‘serf’ with similar features is chosen and Rowena is ‘encouraged’ to do the deed.

Confessions of a Bookaholic: Johanna Lindsey

I love her strong heroines and her insanely rude cavemen heroes. Unfortunately Lyons dies on the wedding night before anything can happen and so Gilbert orders a substitute whacked over the head and brought to Rowena’s bed for stud purposes.

Ide cerita yang super konyol, tragis tapi benar-benar seru melihat pertengkaran, percekcokan dan romansa antara Rowena dan Warrick. The author played with a unique concept It was a case of deciding between rating the romance or the story itself but I truthfully liked the book. His smiles were so special, and when he finally said “I love you” I swooned.

Rowena hates the arrogant knight and the passion he forces from her, but out of guilt for what she did to him, she willingly plays the servant. El la apresa la vuelve su esclava, su prisionera, su sierva, y le hace lo mismo que ella le hizo a el.

Prisoner of My Desire

To view it, click here. Inwhen she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife.


And of those who do only a select few will ever gain notoriety. This started out very strong with the lidsey married off to an old lecher and then forced to rape the hero when he dies unexpectedly.

Want to Read saving…. As he says ‘Like For Like’.

Really enjoyed this one. This was an erotic novel posing as a romance, so it wasn’t even that good. I suspect that scene alone is what drives most of the five star reviews.

Jan 01, Debbie DiFiore rated it it was amazing. Book Thoughts I loved this book its what you expect from a historical romance, the deso, love, miscommunication and good characters. I’ll start this review by saying that for the last six months I’ve been working on writing a book of my own. Good writing, snappy dialogue, enjoyable characters Yes, he had a talent for frightening people with his terrifying scowl and he had a big scary dungeon where he locked up Rowena Now, I have to clarify that this book will not be for everyone- but if you enjoy old school romances, bodice rippers and Johanna Lindsey-then you won’t have any problem with it.

I may be saying bad things about this book, but I honestly really liked it.

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And even though what she had to do to Lord Warrick wasn’t her idea, she had to do what she had to do. Contributing to the overall “meh” feel was the entirety of Warrick’s household. Prisoner esclwva My Desire, by Johanna Lindsey. But if you want to destress with a reluctant romance, and dont have a lot of triggers semi consensual sex, public whippings, humiliation, tying up – you might enjoy this. Rowena menolak namun Gil Kapan lagi bisa membaca sampai tertawa habis-habisan, perawan bisa memperkosa pria ksatria?