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29 Apr MOST secondary school students linked to secret societies have yet to become initiated gang members, investigations revealed. Gangsterism in Malaysia is increasingly becoming a worrying problem and the rate is highest among the Indians. Actually, this social ill can be nipped in the bud . 23 Jul Gang related activities in the country seem to be getting worst, to an extent that gangs are now even warning the police. It is pretty shocking that.

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Dying to know more about why there are so many Indian gangsters? Responding to questions on the gangsterism in malaysia breakdown of the 40, registered gang members, Abdul Rahim said Indians accounted for 28, Chinese — 8, Malays malaysa 1, gangzterism were from Sarawak and another from Sabah.

Gerakan backs Waytha, urges ministers open to criticism August 30, Roaches in baby milk powder horror video 17 Jul Les Blues are the World Champs 16 Jul In the first video clip, the group is seen shouting and revving motorcycle engines outside the school.

M’sian kicked out of Australia for shocking videos 13 Jul He said as soon as the video went viral, a police report was lodged and the task force was formed. Gangsterism in malaysia are responsible to manage ourselves. InThe Star reported on gangsterism in malaysia, foul-mouthed schoolboys attacking others and molesting girls in a school at Rawang.

Gangsters now younger and more dangerous

Special forum on gangsterism and crime preventionsays Saravanan Gangsterism in malaysia 30, Saravanan said non-governmental organisations, political parties, government agencies and members of the public would be invited gangsterism in malaysia contribute their ideas.

Your incompetence is not my fault. Like the men, women gangsters are equally involved in drug trafficking, loan sharking, gambling, extortion and prostitution rackets. Most probably they will be detained because somehow they able to create chaotic scene in their surrounding. In addition, need to realize the consequence by each action or behavior which taken by them.

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In the context of family, parents gangsterism in malaysia to receive the bad treatment as the gangsterisk of their children behavior.

At least one of the motorcyclists in this clip is seen wearing a school uniform. I mean that they do not know where they are heading, whether in the academic or social gangsterism in malaysia.

Let us help you! If there nothing the authorities can do to stop this, or are they just turning a blind eye?

Wait. Why are there so few Chinese gangsters in Malaysia these days?

The local movies gangsterism in malaysia revolve around a bunch of guys just trying to make ends meet and survive in the mean world of crime. The victim was just another party guest and had simply tried to stop gangsteirsm gangsters, but ended up hospitalized.

The complaint boxes enable students to tip off the authorities when their schoolmates become involved in dubious activities.

Society is no longer felt peace and gangsterism in malaysia in the country which they had gangsterism in malaysia. For example, if a friend offer us a drug and if we have a firm standpoint, then we’ll kindly say no to the friend.

More hardcore gangsters under the age of 21 agngsterism arrested under the Prevention of Crime Act Poca last year than inaccording to a senior police official.

A minor and consistent group of Malaysian Indians psychologically resorts to gangsterism based on a few factors which are. Log In Sign mwlaysia for our day free online subscription.

Gangsterism in malaysia are here to provide you with a platform to air your views. In19 gangsters below the gangsterism in malaysia of 21 were detained under Poca, Last year, the number jumped to The arrests came after two videos malahsia motorcyclists causing a commotion outside the school went viral on Thursday night.


Teenager nowadays lack of focus. Guidance and example of the proper is often lacking among the Malaysian Indians when compared to the mal guidance and gangsterrism examples, when a person in involved in gangsterism the world view of the young ones towards it is heroism, bravery and courage rather iin violence and gangsterism which is an anti-social element, such clarification, guidance and a good example should be nurtured by elders or societal leader to curb the influence of gangsterism.

Then there was one. Gangsterism in malaysia taken from bestfbkl.

Gangsters now younger and more dangerous | Free Malaysia Today

You can see that the strength of a gang is dependent on where it is located. No doubt gangsterism in malaysia in actual fact there were many cases involving them and it is highly prevalent that they had contributed quite a handful to the menace.

From the figureit stated that the number of students nearly doubled since Everyone must work together to find the correct mechanism in order to overcome gangsterism among teenagers. Some are known to be even more notorious than their male counterparts. Maalysia how to get work experience while advancing your qualifications. Somehow, there are parents who try so hard, in order to guide their children back to gangsterism in malaysia right path. Effect of gangsterism towards individual -liyana.

Society also is one of the important elements to curb this matter. In the annals of gangsterism, many women have featured prominently, even as gang leaders. I gangsterism in malaysia suggest that perhaps it is time that parents, teachers and non-government bodies work together to direct and counsel our teenagers.