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Covet and Crave: Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series [Felicity Heaton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enter the dark, sinful and. She wasn’t sorry that she had hit Victor. She was surprised. She had expected him to stop her or evade her fist. He must have been more caught up in what he. erotic vampire romance book – Covet (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series # 1) by Felicity Heaton – sensual, passionate and forbidden.

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He knew being with Lilah would cause her horrible pain, but he made sure he was a considerate covet by felicity heaton by making Lilah orgasm. Heatn she’s in love with Sebastian’s brother, Alexander. She realizes she’s powerful and marked for death.

Review: Covet by Felicity Heaton

The sight of his fingers locked around her, touching her at last, fascinated him. He has enough problems on his plate at the moment. Although Javier has redeeming qualities, this behavior on stage is just part of vampire life and is not apologized for. Unfortunately Lilah is owned and there is one rule vampires honour above all others and that is an owned human must never be touched by another vampire and the neaton for doing so is death.

Death is the punishment and Lilah’s master is no kind-hearted man. The driver nodded and closed the door, and then opened the boot of the vehicle and removed his luggage. He covet by felicity heaton the theatre with three other covet by felicity heaton. Lilah was sent to the theater by Lord Ashville to work.

While she’s not your covet by felicity heaton kick ass heroine, she’s determined and leads with her heart. Javier is sexy as hell with a very wicked tongue that will make you blush! Is this feature helpful? Haton is the absolute hottest sexiest book Felicity Heaton has written yet! Jul 21, Paris kerbytejas rated it liked it Shelves: Great review btw and thanks for the new author recommend!!!! The performances of the theatre are an added bonus to the flames that Javier and Lilah are throwing.


Since meeting Lilah, he had been lusting for her.

A different ending, an covet by felicity heaton, or something is missing. Kristina brings out desires in Callum that he has never felt but he shouldn’t feel the way he does as he is an elite vampire and Kristina is a werewolf.

She held his gaze, steady and unafraid, no b of fear in her scent. He knows that to succumb to his desire will cause her immense pain. Lilah, the blood bond human was just ok at the beginning of the story but she warmed up absolutely pun intended!

As, fate would have it, the two succumb to the draw they feel towards one another. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three covet by felicity heaton vampires. Trivia About Covet Vampire Er Lilah straightened covet by felicity heaton fast that he jumped and she whirled to face him.

I just love Felicity Heaton she does great story telling. How would you like to be secretly coveted by a Vampire?

There is a cliffhanger of sorts. The dialogue is great and it’s everything you could want as a PNR lover. One of the cvoet has been attacked and the woman he craves so much is covet by felicity heaton blame for it.

I loved the happy ever after ending and cannot wait to read the next story in this new series to learn more covet by felicity heaton Callum, Snow, and Antoine. In Covet, they’ve burned for each other for two years, the forbidden attraction between them growing each night.


This was a nightmare to Javier.

Covet: Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 1 – Felicity Heaton – Google Books

covet by felicity heaton I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. In the time that she had been in the service of the theatre, he had been unable to escape the torment of her presence. His work for Vampirerotique can wait. Lilah leaned against the edge of the box and looked down at the crowd as they watched the show on the grand stage to her left.

I think the fact that they knew there would covet by felicity heaton punishment for their actions and yet they still wanted one another without care of the consequences made this novella so incredibly sexy. Lilah quickly bent to pick up her broom. Callum might understand his plight but if word reached Antoine or Snow, the aristocrat brothers who ran Vampirerotique with them, there would be hell to pay. Vampire Erotic Theatre covet by felicity heaton books. Normally, I would not have kept reading past the first 5 pages but I read the whole book and actually liked it.

Heaton 2 17 Nov 08, With her scenes written with love and devotion Felicity does not miss one minor detail.

He set the glass down and stepped out of the limousine, his polished black leather shoes reflecting the lights of the theatre. Her owner wanting revenge for what had happened.