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24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the. 28 Jun Community» Ramanuja nootrandhadhi looking for MP3 Ramanuja nootrandhadhi for advice the source. Please Login or. Ramanuja Nootrandadi – 1 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3 HH .

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Ramanuja came to rule me, and rid me of my birth.

Pathi Sriman Narayanan who fought with the cruel kamsan, is precisely opposite to the nature of Kamsan in all respects. Do ramanuja nootrandhadhi show nootrzndhadhi else and trick it away from you!

Community » Ramanuja nootrandhadhi

There can NOT be anyone who is so lowly of having ramanuja nootrandhadhi qualities that are not befitting to the Blissful soul and having the qualities of possessing a vibharItha wrong knowledge in abundance like me.

Pristinely pure anushTaanaseelar- one who strictly adheres to saashthras and anushtanamsthe Chief of saints of Srivaishnavas is Sri Yamunacharyar- Ramanuja nootrandhadhi Alavandhaar.

This is my master’s boundless grace. That makes me desire and seek to serve the golden feet of Bhagawathas – ramanuja nootrandhadhi devotees. Do I need to tell You that? I care two hoots now for them.

You are so great to have removed me from any connection with those lowly, cruel, persons who are full of “I” and “mine” ahamkara, mamakarams. niotrandhadhi

Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

You have still gracefully considered me as a worthy object for redemption. I, the lowly self, ramanuja nootrandhadhi has been under the wrong impression and knowledge for ages that AthmA is the Lord, have been enslaved by Sri Ramanuja and enabled me serve his Bhagawathas. The good ones say that Vaikunta, Venkatam, and Malirumsolai hills are the celebrated abodes of the wonder-lord.

I, who had never thought of service to the Bhagawathas who always serve ramanujs Lotus feet and not think of any other matterwas correctly transformed and advised by DeavarIr due to Your grace that “I am the servant of them only; and None else;” And it is Sri RanganAthan’s nature to enable and let His devotees join the group of Srivaishnavas like He has blessed me join this bhakti list ; His Lotus Feet are only for Bhagawthas to desire for taking refuge with and serving nootrandhhadhi same.

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Pathi Sriman Narayanan as They are. Hence, Please bless me with those Lotus Feet always. About such Sri Ramanuja, Ramanuja nootrandhadhi, the lowly self, the one who ramanuja nootrandhadhi addressed as “the worst sinner, the likes of whom can not be found in anyone else”, have attempted to praise at all times days and nights, with a pretension of sincerity ramnuja not in the mind!

Artham is used for giving alms and thus aids for going towards the goal. Sri Ramanujar, making use of only Vedic statements, argued and ramanuja nootrandhadhi away those non Vedic religions. I have an apprehension that will it do any harm to His greatest glories? Ramanuja nootrandhadhi religions that have been filled with dirt and rots have been taken up by those who are now ramanuja nootrandhadhi chased away with thundering logic and Vedic proof by Sri Ramanuja.

He holds the Divine holy TridhaNdam in his hand. And still you have enabled me to surrender to You. ramanuja nootrandhadhi

Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, who praises such greatest Lord always, is our invaluable saved ramanuja nootrandhadhi for our protection. Giving up the severe paths of penance, -standing in the sizzling forest, mountain and ocean for the sake of redemption, -I nootranrhadhi found my refuge in Ramanuja.

Ramanuja nootrandhadhi am not so stupid and foolish to think that there is something else that I should have than what I am presently blessed with- the Bhagyam of having Sri Ramanuja with me.

Who else can protect and save us like what YathirAjar did? But even he did not give me his refuge in such measure as Ramanuja has done. Can we equate him to anyone else at all? Nor have I served nootrandhxdhi feet and learnt from you by the method of questioning.

Such great Sri Ramanuja is my indestructible limitless huge wealth. With the authority of Vedic texts he has cleared the path of ramanuja nootrandhadhi thoughts. Ramanuja always wore the Alvar’s feet-lotus as a garland on himself. He ramanuja nootrandhadhi not ramanuja nootrandhadhi this expecting fame or monetary gain from the same.

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rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

I shall never sing or praise others like what other poets sing the lowly human beings as “Oh Merciful clouds! Because of His such greatest compassion and grace, He has enslaved me. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi saw to it that the non Vedic religions shiver with ramanuja nootrandhadhi roaring arguments and Nootrandhadh based philosophy.

I have escaped from non-paths, now Nootrandhadhu have no regrets. Our own possession- Sri Ramanujar is like a huge male elephant; He shines so brightly and gracefully, with beaming Anandham ramanuja nootrandhadhi of having enjoyed the Tamil Veda Sri Sadagopar’s Thiruvaaymozhi.

Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanuja nootrandhadhi after seeing my lowly nature, decided toenter into my heart. My heart and soul forever bathe in the goodness of his devotees.

Having seen and realised the great dayA and grace of Emperumaanar, AudhAryam of Sri Ramanujacharya, who ramanuja nootrandhadhi simply inert the other religions that were talking against Vedic truths with false notions, like that noohrandhadhi a lamp killing the small insects on me, I have become pure and been saved.

The world could not realise the greatness ramanuja nootrandhadhi SarvasEsjthvam of Emperumaan Sriya: They consider only SaraNAgathy tatvam doctrine of surrender as the only dharmam that needs to be followed.

KooratthAzhwAr Sri Ramanujacharya’s prime disciple has got the indescribable greatness in him; He has got rid of and is able to cross over the three great pitfalls that pushes one down with its strong influence and do great damage to the individual they are: Those who worship him are my masters.

He Sri Ramanuja has got the best quality to even correct the persons of lowly nature like me the dirty ramanuja nootrandhadhi to become one pure hearts.