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Six Healing Sounds. by Mantak Chia. Everyone has heard stories about gifted beings who possess great healing powers. People seek out these gifted healers. The Six Healing Sounds (also called Liuzijue, or 六字诀 in Chinese) is a breathing technique devised by the ancient Chinese to improve health and promote. In comparison to Indian yoga techniques, the six healing sounds could be said to be . Based on Mantak Chia, Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The.

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Growing the good virtue of the organs is essential so that the negative or sick energy has less room to grow.

six healing sounds mantak chia Dark blue or black Season: The kidneys sound transform the emotional energy inside the kidneys into gentleness and generosity. Beinfeld and Korngold define it as “an integrating function that ties together and harmonizes the physiologic processes of the primary Organ Networks.

Repeat 3 to 6 times.

The upper level, which consists of the brain, heart, and lungs, is hot. Cohen, The Way of Qigong: Return your hands to the resting position on the spleen’s aura. Take a deep breath as sonds place your hands with the index fingers resting at the bottom and six healing sounds mantak chia to the left of the sternum.


Try to remember your best experience of love and fill your heart with that same feeling again.

Six Healing Sounds

Thank it for its important work in liquefying and digesting your food. Take a deep breath and assume six healing sounds mantak chia same position as for the Liver Sound, but lean slightly to the right. Open your eyes wide the eyes are the sensory opening of the liver.

Lean slightly to the right. This area tends to become hot and is responsible for respiration and cardiovascular circulation. Let both hands rest on the heart.

For a sore throat, cold sores, swollen gums or tongue, heart disease, heart pains, jumpiness, moodiness, and for detoxifying the heart, repeat 9 to 36 times. Repeat six, nine, twelve, or twenty-four times to alleviate extreme fear, fatigue, low-pitched ringing in mzntak ears, dizziness, back pain, bladder or urinary infection, or problems of the reproductive system.

Repeat 9 to 36 times for six healing sounds mantak chia, nausea and diarrhea, and for detoxifying the spleen. Healing Arts Press, The account given here is somewhat simplified.

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Count out each vertebra and disc as you smile down them: When you smile to the liver, you will dissolve any anger and allow the kindness energy more space to expand. Let your forehead relax; as the smiling energy accumulates at the mid-eyebrow, it will eventually overflow into your body.

Exhale while making the sound heeeee subvocally, flattening first your chest, then your solar plexus, and finally your lower abdomen. The five major organ systems and their associated emotions and properties. Repeat six, nine, twelve, or twenty-four times to alleviate extreme impatience, hastiness, arrogance, nervousness, moodiness, jumpiness, irritability, tongue ulcers, palpitations, sore throat, heart disease, or insomnia and to detoxify the heart.


Six healing sounds mantak chia navel area can safely handle the increased energy generated by the Inner Smile. Chway, “as in ‘way’ with a ‘ch’ in front.

Many of the Taoist insights are supported by observations and evidence from modern psychology and medicine.

Feel that you are releasing six healing sounds mantak chia trapped excess heat, anger, illness, or negativity from your liver and that these are riding out of your body on your breath.

Keep your eyes closed. Feel your spine pulling against your knees. With each inbreath, inhale fresh Chi to your spleen, pancreas, and stomach as a brilliant luminous yellow healing mist that cleanses and refreshes your organs. Take a deep breath and, souds your eyes follow, raise the arms up in front of you.